AIB International empowers clients worldwide to elevate their food safety and production process capabilities by developing and delivering application-orientated learning, consulting and value-added services. AIB has offices strategically located across the globe and serves more than 120 different countries to be a leading premier service provider to the food and beverage industry. Our staff includes experts in the fields of baking production, experimental baking, cereal science, nutrition, food safety and hygiene.

AIB’s globally-recognised audits, inspections and consulting services allow your food safety programs to realise their highest potential. Our team of experienced food safety professionals will help you minimise  your risk of food safety contamination and exceed your customers’ expectations.

Our thorough facility assessments provide a holistic view of how your on-the-floor practices measure up to your documentation. Our global team of professionals serve the entire supply chain, from food and beverage processing facilities to distribution centers and packaging manufacturers.

AIB International offers comprehensive training for the food and beverage industry. Our resident programs, seminars, webinars, books, distance courses and online learning are created by experts with your needs in mind.

To find out more about AIB International please visit us at or call 800-644-5137

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